Inspired by Eric Carle’s “Rooster’s Off To See The World”
by S. Gluckman, age 15 (adapted into skit form by Yianni Stamas)
Characters include Princess, Woodsman, Gretal and Bear

Once there was a very Americanized Middle Eastern Princess who her friends called Penelope and was a little bored and decided her afternoon could be greatly pepped up if she went on an adventure to see the world (as long of course as she was back in time for tea and crumpets).

Just as she was about to step onto the road that lead to seeing the world, she ran into a woodsman and became instant friends with him because they shared a love of hand crafted mugs.

He decided to come see the world with Princess Penelope and just as together they were to get on to the path leading to the rest of the globe they happened to bump into Gretal of the famous duo Hansel and Gretal.

Princess Penelope had always wanted to chat with Gretal and find out why she fell for the whole chicken bone thing and they discovered they had a lot in common in terms of a fashion sense and enjoying walks in the park.

Gretal decided to tag along with Princess Penelope and the Woodsman and the three of them went to the entrance of international adventure ready to see the world. But then a bear called out to them.

Beware, I am a bear and I am very hungry and I am going to eat you all up.

The Princess did not want to be eaten and after conferring with the Woodsman and Gretal she discovered they weren’t really interested either in ending up in the bottom of a bear’s tummy, so she had to think fast. She glanced down at her watch and realized it was nearly time to have tea and crumpets back at the castle so she asked the bear:

How about if you came and joined me and friends for tea and crumpets instead and I’m sure I could rustle up a bunch of my mother, the Queen’s, tasty pastries. She makes a mean croissant plus of course pistachio baklava and figs with syrup.

The bear instantly agreed and then the Princess, the Woodsman, Gretal and the bear all went off to the castle to have tea and crumpets. And yes, after trying them, the bear admitted that the princess’ mother the Queen indeed did make a mean croissant. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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